The Archive

A collection of various projects.

Advocate Anywhere for Influitive

Advocate Anywhere was developed as a white label solution. Companies could use a suite of tools to reward positive activity in their apps.

Web app for Upshot

Upshot was an app that delivered targeted surveys. This step by step UX guided users through the creation of a new campaign.

Widget generator for

Supplying partner sites with widgets was a great way for Kanetix to generate leads. This widget generator allowed the partners to blend Kanetix's search results seamlessly with their own sites

Prototype app for

Code-named "Moneyfit", this app was developed as a financial fitness trainer keeping users on top of their spending and credit to reach their financial goals.

Insurance campaign for BMO financial

This configurable infographic was a fun and engaging way to educate BMO customers about insurance

Website design for

To achieve this redesign we broke the RateSupermarket into a library of resuable components that could be reassembled into landing pages and search results.

Website design for Manulife Financial

Manulife's personal insurance guide delivered a customized e-booklet based on the users responses to a questionaire.