Influitive Advocate Hub

Influitive sells "Advocate Hubs" - portals for companies who want to reward their most trusted users for their help and support. Through an ongoing loop of iterative design and feedback, I aimed to increase user engagement across all hubs.

OK, what do we mean by engagement?

To measure our success we first needed a definition of what "engagement" meant. I worked with our product managers and data team to track the journey of our advocates through key events in the hub.

Poor experience = Poor engagment

The data confirmed that user retention was very low. Advocates were confused by the scattershot presentation of the app and switfly lost track of what they had to do to earn rewards.

All's well under blue skies

I re-architected the advocate experience and created a blue sky design. My hypothesis was that if I put key elements of the advocate hub in key places, the experience would become more intuitive.

Form meets functionality

The redesign was going to take time and incorporate the work of other designers and teams. For example, we had a team developing an "activity feed" that needed to blend seamlessly with our new vision.

Including our own users in the process

One advantage of working for Influitive was that I was able to use the company's own "Advocate Hub" to survey our customers and recruit candidates for user testing. The new "dream hub" design received an overwhelming positive response but left me with a new problem.

Dreams don't come true overnight

The major disadvantage of blue sky design is that implementing it all at once is a tall order. Therefore the design had to be broken down into a series of five iterations - acceptable compromises between realizing the ideal UX without compromising the current design.

An evolving rollout

Releasing iterations ended up altering the original design quite a bit. Each time we released we monitored changes in our user behaviour through analytics and polled our own advocates to get their reactions. Over the course of six months we had gone from a dream design to a better reality.