Product Design Case Study

The Challenge

Influitive sells "Advocate Hubs" - portals for companies who want to drive engagement and rely on the support of their most trusted users. Through an ongoing loop of iterative design and feedback, I hope to increase advocate engagement in the hubs, while lessening the time and effort for the customers running them.

Gathering and Validating Data

Using our own hub I recruited admin and advocate users to participate in one on one feedback sessions. I also worked with our project managers and data analysts to establish clear conversion funnels for onboarding new advocates and tracking their long term engagement.

Definining short and long term conversion funnels

Mapping an advocate user flow

Whiteboarding the existing architecture

New IA and UI

Redesigning the hub UI presented a variety of opportunities - presenting a clearer architecture of concepts of themes, introducing new features such as an activity feed, and discovering points of engagement to improve. It also gave us some shiny new mockups to share with our customers.

An improved sign in portal tells users what to expect.

The hub has been reorganized and redesigned for a better user experience.

A more polished version of the challenge player leads the advocate through the steps of the challenge ...

... and guides them to logical next steps upon completion.

The new activity feed keeps users abreast of developments in the hub.


After validation, components of the new designs are handed off to our web and mobile teams. Both teams require iterative designs so the web team can transition to a wider viewport, and the mobile team can incorporate material design elements.

An iterative design marries elements of the current hub with incoming improvements.

Invision prototype used to adapt the new design to IOS