App Design Case Study

The Challenge

Kanetix LTD offered many websites and apps around the concept of personal finance, but many of these are product based (ex: mortgages, credit cards, car insurance). I was asked to help develop a product that encourages users to think about their finances in a more holistic way. With the help of product owners, engineers and focus groups we have reached a beta version of our personal finance app.

Screens from the beta

User Personas and Use Cases

There was a lot of debate over what features the app would offer so I developed user personas and use cases to help narrow our focus. By reflecting on our target users and their needs we were able to link desired features together in a cohesive flow.

A sampling from the personas

Gamification Concepts

Below are some early mockups of concepts that would introduce an element of gamification to the app which were pitched to stakeholders and focus groups. Visualizing the user in a cartoon universe was a popular one, as was assigning scores to the various aspects of their financial life. Ultimately the scoring concept worked better and seemed a simpler expression of the concept of self-evaluation.

Cartoon concept

Scoring concept

Iterating on the Scoring Concept

We brought financial planners and educators on board to help define what criteria generates the users “score”. I produced multiple rounds of wireframes and prototypes to keep the user journey simple and effective, eventually arriving at a prototype.

Wireframing the onboarding process

Screens from the demo version

Prototype Testing

We had members of the product team and our target demographic. The response was positive but we were inundated by requests for more features. To define the scope of the build, I led the product team in an exercise called a "baby killer". We define all the potential features of the app, then ranked them in order of relevance and demand. The ranked features were then grouped into individual releases.

Some of these babies didn't make the cut

Final Design

The onboarding process fetches the intial score

Users can add more detail for a more accurate reading

The app issues challenges based on specific details from the profile. The challenges are a mix of in-app activities and partnership opportunities

Users can run scenarios to predict the financial outcomes of their choices

Users can create goals and allocate savings to ensure they're staying on track