Web Design Case Study

The Challenge was the #1 destination for mortgages and credit cards, but still faced considerable challenges. The site was outdated, convoluted and static. It was decided that a comprehensive redesign was in order.

The redesigned homepage

User Testing

Using personas, use cases, professional opinions and the data collected, I developed an ideal design that could be recognized within one year. Using a combination of live and online users, the existing site and prototype were tested like for like. The majority of our users found the prototype more visually pleasing and easier to navigate.

Redesigned search results

Redesigned product page

Developing Responsive, SEO Friendly Templates

After incorporating the feedback into the new design, I worked with an SEO agency to develop new page templates that would be more user friendly and draw more traffic to the site. Each page template would feature modified tools and custom CMS driven content to speak to a particular user’s needs.

Customized information for shoppers in different cities

Using geo-location to serve appropriate products

Incorporating time based special offers

Creating Guidelines and Stories

With an overwhelmed dev team, there was no way to implement the new design all at once. Instead, new branding guidelines were created and the team performed a site wide audit to ensure styles and elements were consistent and on-brand.

In the meantime, the new ux elements were separated into agile stories. Stories were integrated into the sprint so that the team had breathing room to build the new elements, launched them on the site, and test the results. The consistent look and feel established helped ease the transition from the old site to the new.

A section of the updated guidelines

Heatmap data on the improved site.

Mobile Milestone

In December 2015 the developers reached “mobile milestone” where the core site became responsive. At this point the main site could effectively replaced the outdated and buggy mobile site. KPIs indicate a better SEO ranking and a better experience for mobile users.

Homepage on mobile

Mortgage search results on mobile

Mortgage application on mobile