Design Process Case Study

The Challenge

Influitive had a lot of ideas for expanding its products, but not a lot of evidence that one direction was stronger or more effective than another. I was asked to create and conduct a process that would allow internal teams to brainstorm, choose ideas and bring those ideas to our users for validation.

That's me leading a team through the sprint process

Finding a Process

I looked at several design processes and eventually settled on the Google Ventures Design Sprint. This was a five day incubator process where a team brainstorms solutions and votes them forward until one is chosen for prototyping and testing. The leadership team felt the process was too lengthy and intensive to pull people out of work, so I modified it so that all the decision making could be handled by the larger team while the other activities could be assigned to individuals.

Once I finished my modifications we had three heavily time-boxed meetings, 8 hours altogether. I shared my process guide with the company and prepared to facilitate our first sprint.

An example of a time boxed meeting from my process guide

Facilitating Meetings

Each design sprint was tailored to answer a specific question posed by a member of the product team. Following the activities in the guide, we defined a map of our desired user flow, voted on strategies and created sketches of our potential solutions. The solutions were a topic of hot debate but across all sprints we were able to narrow our focus and find one coherent solution for testing.

In the first meeting the group defines the product map

In the second meeting the group brainstorms strategies

In the third meeting the group makes sketches and critiques each other's solutions

Prototyping and Testing

After the meetings were over I took the winning solutions and coded interactive prototypes of the proposed experience. These were shared with influitive customers during one on one interviews to gather reactions and feedback.

"Advocate Pool" prototype

"Sharing Playlist" prototype

Going Forward

Each time we finish a design sprint I compile a report, collect reactions and refine the process to better suit the company needs. After three sprints we are now ready to take the process across the company, using it to tackle challenges in our marketing, sales and customer service departments.

Influitive's CEO and leadership team during their sprint.