Web App Case Study

The Challenge

Kanetix LTD. offers personal finance products across a variety of websites, but also relies on an affiliate network of other sites, blogs and national newspapers. I was asked to design a suite of highly customizable widgets that the affiliates could use to offer the same products to their users.


First we needed a general UI and a set of interaction patterns that would work for all products. I settled on a design that was clean, simple and easy to configure.

Main view for credit cards

Product view for credit cards

Main view for GICs

Widget Generator

Next I designed a GUI for the affiliates to use. They can add products and products, request different languages and configure dimensions, fonts and colors to create a widget that suits their needs.

The widget generator


The generator exports a code snippet for the affiliate to paste on their site. The configured widgets blend seamlessly wherever they are placed.

Sidebar widget on the Financial Post

Page content widget on

Full page widget on Boomer & Echo