Editiorial Design Case Study

The Challenge

Long established as a print newspaper, Xtra's transition to a news site left a lot to be desired. In commissioning a redesign, Xtra's editorial team wanted to incorporate new features, greater flexibility for the editors, and a higher standard of presentation.

UI Overhaul and Style Guide

Xtra wanted a new look that preserved their brand but reflected the best in online journalism. Their brief called for a sleek eye-catching design that felt modern, inviting and readable.

The new homepage design

The new article design

Component Library

To create new layouts on landing pages and articles we worked together to develop a library of variable components that editors could call on when they create content.

Displaying articles in chronological order

Or in a curated "story stream"

Full screen, full width and sidebar options for article content

Variable Page Types

A redesign allowed Xtra to identify new opportunities for its advertisers. By incorporating variable page types into their Drupal installation, we created a model where advertisers could repurpose topic pages without disrupting the natural flow of the site.

A standard topic page

The same page repurposed

Mobile Focus

Xtra took a responsive approach to its mobile strategy, with layouts, features and components introduced at the mobile breakpoint.

New homepage layout for mobile

New article layout for mobile