My name is Adam Bourret and this is my online portfolio. I'm a UX designer, creating websites, apps and games.

Case Studies

New Solutions for Influitive

Influtive's core offering is being expanded for easier adoption.

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Design Sprints

Conducting design sprints to help Influitive surface and test new ideas.

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Upshot Consultation

Helping a frustrated team translate a manual process to a digital app.

Read More Website Redesign is Canada's first financial services comparison site. They commissioned a full redesign and redevelopment at the beginning of 2015.

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App Design for Kanetix Ltd.

MoneyFit is the inhouse name of an upcoming personal finance app I'm working on with Kanetix Ltd. Shared with permission.

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Web Apps for Kanetix Ltd.

A customizable widget generator for the Kanetix Ltd. affiliate network.

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Mobile Game Design

This is March of the Moon Devils, a choose-your-own-adventure game I designed and built for mobile devices.

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The Archives

Past web and graphic design work.

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My Skillset

User Driven Design

I conduct focus groups, user interviews, customer research, surveys and usability tests to make sure I'm crafting the right solution for the end user.

Creative Leadership

Ongoing roundtables with stakeholders and engineers are always a part of my process. My role is to represent the user and find a harmony between business requirements and their needs.


Nobody gets it right on their first try. Working from low-fidelity sketches to high fidelity prototypes keep users and stakeholders involved in the developing vision.

Agile Methodology

Managing product scope, breaking the project into stories, and provided detailed documentation gives engineers a workable roadmap.

Front End Development

I can definitely jump in with a little HTML/CSS/JS when needed.

Usability Testing

Iterative design means you are never finished. Gathering user feedback, studying analytics and conducting tests give good clues as to where to go next.

About Me

I began my career as a jr designer and front end developer. Over the past seven years I have gradually transistioned into UX design. Having worked mainly in startup environments I've learned to wear many hats. I pride myself on being able to communicate with people on all sides of the equation: product owners, engineers and users.

In my downtime, I like to create comics and games. My first graphic novel "I'm Crazy" won Peter Laird's Xeric Award in 2010. I'm currently releasing a new book and starting on a narrative based card game.

If you're interested in working with me, you can find me at