Adam Bourret

I take complicated things and make them simple.

Case Studies

Top Hat Textbook

Improving usability and functionality to get users to that "aha" moment.

Case Study

Top Hat Tournaments

A mobile gamification feature that's fun for students and valuable for teachers.

Case Study

Influitive Advocate Hub

Redesigning and improving Influitive's core user experience.

Case Study

Design Workshops at Influitive

Taking a collaborative approach to prototyping and testing.

Case Study

Xtra Redesign

Transforming the experience of Toronto's longest running LGTBQ publication.

Case Study

The Archive

A collection of past product and web design projects.

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About Me

I have over ten years of experience designing products for web and mobile. Having worked mainly in startup environments I've learned to wear many hats. I pride myself on being able to communicate with people on all sides of the equation: product owners, engineers and users.

I like to wear pretty earrings and my potato salad is unrivaled.